Nokia 6303 Classic Vs LG KP500 Cookie – Complete Handsets in Their Own Right

Innovation and latest technology decides the popularity and effectiveness of handsets these days. With mobile technology developing at a fast pace, we are witnessing a scenario where technology is growing and the cost is coming down. Several large organizations have entered the competition, leading to a situation where customer is always the king. Brands like Nokia and LG are unveiling their latest handset at a fast pace, giving mobile lovers more than one reason to cheer.

Nokia particularly has always been a brand that has established itself as a reliable phone manufacturer with user friendly interface and all latest features. Their N-series exploits and E-series popularity are well documented. However, apart from these two mobile range the company has several other popular handsets in their kitty. The Nokia 6303 Classic is one such handset that combines elegant looks with long list of features resulting in a complete gadget. Similarly, the LG KP 500 Cookie is another well received gizmo that has become the flavor of the season ever since its unveiling.

Therefore it is only fitting that we compare these two gadgets in terms of Nokia 6303 Classic vs LG KP500 Cookie. The main difference is that whereas the LG cookie is a touchscreen phone, the 6303 is a regular one. The cookie is being hailed as one of the cheapest smart pda’s available today and was joined much later by the samsung star in its segment. It has a large 3.0 inches display with 240 x 400 pixels and support for 256 k colours. Such large TFT resistive touchscreen ensures that you always have easy access to phone’s features and other navigations. The 6303 on the other hand comes with a more modest 2.2 inches screen. The cookie is also lighter at 89g as compared to the 96g of nokia phone.

Both handsets are good in terms of memory capacity as well. For instance, the Nokia 6303 Classic comes with 64 MB of built-in memory which is further expandable upto 4GB with mircoSD. Similarly the LG KP500 Cookie has 48 mb of built-in memory expandable up to 16 GB. Such large size ensures that one always gets sufficient space to store large files, videos, songs and data on the mobile itself, having on the go access to all of the information. It also comes with an excellent camera of 3.15 mega pixel allowing you to take some memorable frames of the highest quality. The 6303 also comes with a similar 3.15 mp camera which means both of these handsets are equally good options for a camera phone.

However, these two are without 3G support but have advanced 2G facilities. The support GPRS and EDGE of class 32 and class 10 respectively. This means that one is at leisure to browse online from his gadget at a click of a button without having to log-in to his system. Bluetooth and USB port means transferring of files or sharing of videos, pictures with your friends as carried out in simple steps. Nokia 6303 Classic vs LG KP500 Cookie remains more or less the same in terms of music as well. This is because both gadgets support almost all sound formats available today in addition to their stereo FM radio with speakerphone.

Overall, we arrive at the conclusion that without being too much sophisticated, these gadgets pack in all of the advanced features. A user would not be disappointed after choosing either one of them and the choice should be based on his personal taste and liking.