Great Cookie Wedding Favor Ideas

What better way to say thank you to wedding guests then a wonderful cookie wedding favor. However, the question in most people’s mind is what are some good ideas for a cookie wedding favor. You do not want the cookie wedding favor to be to simple and homemade looking that others will laugh but you also do not want it to look commercial and mass produced. So there is a delicate balance that must be held with all wedding favors.

By following some of the ideas below you can easily select a fun cookie wedding favor that will please everyone.

Less is more

This is really true when it comes to cookies. You do not want to overload the guest with a huge bag of 25 chocolate chips cookies placed in a zip lock back. You will want to go for a more sophisticated taste in cookies for a wedding favor. So instead of piling on tons of cookies go with just a few very elegant cookies. Less is truly more, more elegant, more savored, and more of a cookie wedding favor.

Unique cookies

Touched on this concept a little bit in the above paragraph but when putting together a wedding favor made up of cookies it is important to chose very fancy cookies. You do not want simple chocolate chip cookies. It can be helpful to do some search online and in cookbooks to find some classic cookie recipies. One way to keep them unique is to do a few different types of cookies and then place only one or two of each type of cookie in the wedding favor. This means there will only be a total of maybe 6 or 8 cookies but they will all be very unique.

It’s all in the wrapping

Presentation of the cookie wedding favor is also very important. No simple zip lock bag will work for this situation. The time of year, type of cookie and theme of the wedding will really dictate the wrapping. For example if it is a autumn wedding favor a pale pink tissue paper will be to subtle for the season. So try to think about all three things, theme, time, and cookies when putting the wrapping together.

Below are some sample ideas that can work well. However none of these are set in stone and it is more important to use these as suggestions only and then be creative and see what works for your situation.

Fortune Cookies

These are an easy old stand by cookie that has quickly become a very popular wedding favor item. What makes them so fun is the ability to individualize the fortune inside. Also they are easily wrapped in Chinese to go box. These can be dressed up and made more elegant by dipping them in chocolate or even dipping them in white chocolate. Also a white chocolate with orange flavoring can be a nice touch. Wrapping them in gold, silver or bronze foil can also dress your basic fortune cookie up. As for the package it is very easy to find a Chinese food carton in a variety of colors. Just make sure to think about the colors of the wedding and try to tie these in to the favor as well. A simple personalized wedding label or tag can be a nice addition to round the gift off.

Wedding Cake Cookies

Want a little more whimsical and fun cookie wedding favor? Then a cookie shaped and decorated like a wedding gift can be the perfect touch. You can easily order these online or make them yourselves. Any recipie that uses shaped cookies like sugar cookies will do the trick. Then frost them in a white and add some cake decoration with the frosting. Adding personalized touches can really make these cookies become showstoppers. For example decorating each cookie in a unique individual way so no two are the same really helps. Also adding a personalized message to the guest can be a very classy addition. You will want to display the wonderful artwork of the cookie and display the effort that has gone into making these wonderful gifts. Therefore place these in small cellophane see through bags. Then tie them off at the top with a gold ribbon and a customized wedding label or tag.

These are just two very simple ideas and it would be easy to think of a lot of others. Again by contemplating on the wedding theme, time of year, significant colors and so on you can easily derive a very creative or classic cookie wedding favor. By taking the time and planning before hand you can easily purchase the materials you need online or at your local craft store. If you decide that there is no time for homemade cookies and want to purchase them again you can do this easily online. Many people also like to go with a combination of purchasing cookies and then personalizing them with a label or wrapping. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time and plan ahead. This should be a lot of fun and if you give yourself the time to be creative you will end up with a wonderful cookie wedding favor.

Traditional Cookie Recipes – Why Are They Loved So Much?

Long ago, taste and feel of a homemade oatmeal cookie is a very gratifying indulgence. Today, with the so many dessert recipes in thousands of cookbooks everywhere, traditional cookie recipes are every so often set aside.

The way things have change decades after decades also brought dramatic transformation to our old favorite cookies. But how come traditional cookie recipes continued to survive in the ocean of new delectable modern delights? How come traditional mounds of sugary, peanut buttery, chocolatey goodness are still very addicting? There must be something about traditional cookie recipes that makes it so much loved.

Despite the fact that oatmeal cookies are not much considered a favorite these times, old cookie recipes are still among the best, and the reason why? Traditional cookie recipes carry the emblem of the memorable delicious taste and spirit of long ago. Therefore it is proven that sometimes traditions are best! Even the kids today will want to get savvy to make a treat of this wonderful historical taste in their cookie.

If you look around, we are still so used to hearing about the old classic cookie recipes. Pillsbury bake-offs have been existing for over 50 years. Even with the popularity of Splenda today, a lot of people still use the classic brown sugar and wheat pastry flour in place of modern enriched flour. It’s also awesome that oatmeal is still remembered a great substitute to contemporary dried ingredients. I feel nostalgic that even though I style my mother’s traditional oatmeal recipe into modern dreidels, I still feel close to her arms it’s like making the whole thing more delicious.

In my opinion, traditional cookie recipes personify the taste of the old fashioned. The fork pressed edges, the so indulging filling that ranges from raisins to farm-fresh jam, all things carefully made by hand, slower but sure-paced and apron-clad homemakers along with the country smell of fresh-from-the-oven cookies. All these are the extraordinary spices added to traditional cookie dough making the whole wonderful difference.

My best friend bought me old-fashioned chocolate cookies from the oldest bakery in Chicago, once and I swear they brought me back to my childhood! One of the best feelings I’ve ever had. As soon as I took my first bite of these I immediately thought that they have the taste that I love so much. After thinking that perhaps the ingredients are very similar – butter, sugar and cocoa, I have no idea what makes the cookie so delicious. For some reason I am determined it’s the spirit of the cookie’s origin being delivered by horse and wagon in 1905, the year my grandfather was born.

If you are like me, you know why traditional cookie recipes are as delicious as they sound. They are a great thing to make with kids today if you have any little hands eager to help in making them. They will enjoy your cookie childhood stories along with eating the dough straight from the bowl! Truly tradition makes a difference.

Do you have a very old cookie recipe that you’d like to share? The world would love it.

Comparing Nokia 2730 Classic Vs LG KP500 Cookie

Nokia leads the way when it comes to user friendly and pocket friendly handsets whereas LG is synonymous with sophistication and elegance. Both companies have their charm and both of them have their own loyalists. This is the prime reason we decided to do an article on Nokia 2730 Classic Vs LG KP500 Cookie. After the analysis, we would like to check our inclination.

Nokia 2730 Classic is a 3G phone whereas LG KP500 Cookie is a 2G phone. Both of them weigh around same at 87.7 g and 89 g respectively.

This Handset by Nokia is a sleek phone phone with mirror look. It looks beautiful when held in hand. It comes in two appealing colours – Black and Dark Magenta. Its a world roaming phone with a display of 2.0 inches and a 5-way navigation key.

Both of them are speakerphones with a stereo FM radio however we would have preferred if LG KP500 Cookie also had 3.5mm audio jack that is present in Nokia 2730 Classic.

This LG device is a touchscreen phone with flash UI. Handwriting recognition gives the user a greater sense of data security and accelerometer sensor makes it more user friendly. It has downloadable polyphonic and MP3 ringtones that enables you to use your favourite track as a ringtone. Simplicity can be Cookie’s another name as it has a neat and cute look to it. The 3.0 inches display hardly leaves any space and it has just three buttons that includes a call and an end key, along with a multitasking key that opens the menu to task manager and applications. It has a 3MO camera that showcases a good performances, though a flash would be a good add on. It has GPRS with EDGE for web browsing at a good speed. The handset comes in funky colours like Pink, Delicious White, Elegant Gold, Anodizing Silver, Vandyke Brown and Black.

Both the handsets have a phonebook capacity of 1000 entries with photo call. They come with MP3/MP4 player, an organizer, document viewer for easy viewing of saved and downloaded documents in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF format. Both of these feature a voice memo and T9 dictionary for easy messaging. They come with support for messaging services that include SMS, EMS, MMS and e-mail. Preloaded games with an option to download is common with these. A lot of common features there. At times you forget that you are talking about two different devices.

Nokia 2730 Classic has distinguishing applications that include Flash Lite 2.0, Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary, Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and Nokia Maps. It has a 2.0 MP camera that has an impressive clarity and a music play time of up to 12 hours.

Both of these lack GPS and Wi-Fi. They come with an expandable memory which is up to 2GB in Nokia’s and up to 16GB in LG’s handset. Both of these have an impressive battery back up.

After the analysis, its really difficult to choose one of these. One would want want to own both of these masterpieces. None is less than other. In fact it would be justified to say that in Nokia 2730 Classic vs. LG KP500 Cookie, both emerge as winners.