The Truth About Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Despite the health benefits of being one, most people quit being vegetarians because easy vegetarian recipes are sometimes hard to come by. In some cases, the need to find an easy recipe is motivated not just by the need to really find one but to satisfy curiosity as well. Is there really such a thing as an easy vegetarian recipe?

The Value of Cooking at Home

Some new vegetarians may be tempted to easily buy take outs at vegetarian restaurants. Most of us know however that there are great advantages to cooking meals at home. Home cooked meals are almost always cheaper to prepare and have the additional benefit of binding members of a family in a comfortable atmosphere. One other major plus factor for you is that you are 100% sure of the cleanliness of your vegetables and what exactly goes into a dish.

Knowing What Type You Belong To

To find an easy recipe is to identify first what kind of vegetarian you are as well as the others you are planning to cook a meal for. The most common type is the lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products. A lacto eats the same kinds of food except for the eggs.

Those that don’t eat animal meat and are strict types are called vegans. There are other kinds but these are the most common. Once you know where you, your family and your friends belong to, finding an easy recipe will be easier.

The Recipe Myth

A lot of non-vegetarians have the common misconception that vegetarian recipes are either hard to come across or are complicated to prepare. Since most of them also lead busy lives, this may seem discouraging. There is however no truth to this common belief. In fact, some vegetarian recipes are the easiest to prepare.

Vegetables and fruits can be simply pureed and blended to keep the freshness and nutrients intact. Less strict vegetarians however also have a variety of choices. For lacto-ovo-vegetarians for example the only thing that needs to be omitted are meat products and meat based products. This means that you can basically saute or steam anything you like as long as there isn’t any meat in it. For a truly substantial, tasty and healthy recipe, you can substitute meat with tofu, beans, legumes and nuts.


The real key to an easy recipe is having a stock of a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products at home. Aside from the usual fruits and vegetables, you can also stock up on spices, seeds, olive oil, pasta, rice, cereal and noodles. Just imagine what you can cook up even with just these basic ingredients. Food preparations can be as convenient as sautéing some vegetables, spices, beans, tomato sauce and topping it on rice.


One thing you have to remember about any easy vegetarian recipe is that you have to properly wash and clean all of your fruits and vegetables even those with inedible peelings. Most of these food items have changed hands so often before reaching you that they’re bound to carry some dirt or bacteria. Wash your food with running water and use a brush for fruits and vegetables with dimpled, corrugated or hard skins.

Fun Cookie Treats for Everyone

There are some foods that most people don’t outgrow or take off their favorites list even after decades. Cookies are great example of these as young kids and the young at heart truly enjoy eating cookies whether as snacks, desserts or sometimes even as the main course. You can always express your creativity in making cookies. Whether in the shape, mixture, or taste, cookies never fail to impress and are something that many people crave for. Cookie recipes can come in many varieties and with some simple changes to the ingredients, the shape, and the presentation, you can make cookies that everyone will remember and love.

-Make your cookie recipe more exiting by adding chopped nuts to your mixture. Everyone is sure to enjoy this nutty treat as the mild saltiness can give contrast to the sweetness of the cookie. Additionally, the crunch texture of the nuts is also something that many people will enjoy, whether your cookie is soft, crumbly or chewy.

-For variety, add raisins to your cookie or any dried fruit such as cherry or apple. This can give texture to the otherwise boring plain cookie mix. Dried cranberries and mango pieces are also worth experimenting with.

– To delight everyone’s sweet tooth, add chocolate chips as you finish off combining the mixture or on top of the mixture when they are already in the mold. For some, they add the chocolate chips just moments before the cookie is done baking. With this, they want to ensure that the chips will not be deformed and melt and still retain its beautiful shape.

-Cookies are more fun to eat if they are in different shapes aside from the classic round shape. These specially cut and designed cookies are readily available in grocery stores and in local bakeries. However, you can still create the same look even when you make your own cookies at home. While the regular round shape cookie cutters are available, you can create your own cookie shape by making your own cookie cutters. Fun shapes such as stars, heart or half moons are fun, and seasonal shapes such as fall leaves, Santa’s hat or angel shaped cookies truly bring out the spirit and joy of the season.

You do not have to have advanced baking and culinary skills to create cookies that everybody will love. The ingredients in making cookies are inexpensive and you can make a lot of cookies with small amounts of ingredients. You can also start off with simple yet classic cookie recipes and then move on to more complicated and indulgent recipes after you have honed your baking skills.

The baking tools and equipments you will use are readily available in most kitchens as well and you can make your own kind of cookie cutter as well for that special homemade feel. It’s time to be creative, passionate, and most importantly, have fun as you create different fun cookie treats that everyone will surely love and ask for over and over again.

Essential Cookie Recipes For Your Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

This Christmas, instead of making or buying cookies for Christmas, why not try having or attending a cookie exchange party? With this event, you and your friends each plan to make several batches of one type of cookie. Then each person brings several dozen to the party, enough for everyone to have a certain amount of each cookie that is made. This way, everyone goes home with a huge variety of homemade cookies! This is a great, fun way to save time and money around the holidays. Here’s some of the essential types of cookies that are really must haves for your next cookie exchange party:


From fancy, decorated cutout cookies to simple sugar cookie drop cookies to slice and bake sugar cookies. You won’t want to forget to make sure there’s enough of these classic cookies at your party. They are probably the #1 essential!

Other Classics

There’s a few recipes that are modern American Christmas classics, and are traditional for so many families. Cookies like Peanut Butter Blossoms, which are simple peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss pressed into the middle and also Snickerdoodles, so classic yet simple to make and tasty too.


These cookies are great for cookie exchange parties, since they are easy to make very quickly. There’s less mess since they are usually made in one bowl and you can make a full batch all at once, in one pan. This makes bar cookies a very handy choice. There’s many choices in this category that are sure to please the other cookie exchangers. Try brownies with different additions like candies or different types of chocolate chips and chunks. Also try blondies and shortbread bar cookies.


Gingerbread men are one of the most traditional Christmas cookies you can make. They are like sugar cookies except sweetened with some molasses and flavored with spices like ginger, allspice, cloves and cinnamon. They have a very distinct flavor and, along with the sugar variety, are a popular cookie to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve.


Shortbread is quite underrated, they are quite easy to make, since often they use only a few ingredients and they have a rich, buttery taste that are a nice contrast to the super sweet treats you find around Christmas. So don’t forget the shortbread!

Ethnic Choices

Christmas is celebrated in many countries and each country seems to have their own traditional Christmas recipes as well. In Mexico, they have a butter cookie that is flavored with anise and cinnamon called Biscochitos. Biscochitos are also sometimes dusted with a cinnamon sugar. In Italy, they have many varieties of Christmas cookies, but a popular choice is amaretti, which is a cookie made with almonds and egg whites. Ethnic cookies are a great choice to bring some variety to your party.

Whatever the recipe choices for your party, don’t forget to bring along enough containers to hold all the cookies you’ll be going home with!